Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take before I get a decision?

We process your application once it lands on our desk, so it shouldn’t take long before you hear from us. You can get approved for a car loan in just a matter of minutes.

USEFUL TIP: Make sure to fill in all fields in the application form with the required information. Incomplete application may delay the process or even result in denial.

How much can I get approved for?

The loan amount you will receive depends on several factors including, but not limited to, the amount of down payment you’re willing to pay, credit rating and the vehicle you want to finance. 

USEFUL TIP: Use our pre-approval calculator to get an estimate of the loan amount you will most likely get. The computation is based on your credit rating, monthly income, and other expenses.

Can you finance any type of vehicle?

Yes. You can pick your own car and we’ll work on financing it. 

USEFUL TIP: It’s best to arrange financing first before visiting a dealership.

What if my credit isn’t stellar?

You have a chance to get approved for an auto loan with Colorado Springs Auto Approval Center whatever the type of your credit. Also, we specialize in bad credit auto loans. 

USEFUL TIP: Get a copy of your credit report and find out your credit score before applying for an auto loan. This gives you an idea of how your credit looks like.

Do I need to pay for your service?

You don’t have to pay any fee for our service. It’s our pleasure to see our clients drive happily in their own set of wheels.

 Pre-Approval Calculator 
Good Credit (725+)
Fair Credit (630+)
Poor Credit (575+)
Bad Credit (525+)
No Credit
Monthly Income $
Housing Cost $
Credit Cards $
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